Yazoo River Towing, Inc
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 Environmental Policy 

It is the policy of YAZOO RIVER TOWING to comply with all Federal, State and Local pollution laws and regulations. The laws and regulations prohibit the placement of any pollutant including trash, plastics (includes leaving line or lock line scraps), garbage, discarded food, oil, bilge slop, waste oil, oily bilge water, used filters, oily rags, bio-hazard waste or untreated sewage into the waterways. 

 Nothing is to be discharged from or thrown overboard from a YAZOO RIVER TOWING vessel except gray water or properly treated sanitary water from a properly operating USCG certified Marine Sanitation Device (MSD). Pumping of bilge oil, oily bilge water, or other vessel waste at any time or place, except at approved locations using methods set forth below is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of this policy. 

 No person may intentionally drain oil or hazardous material into the bilge of a towing vessel from any source. Violations of any of the prohibitions listed above could subject the employee violating the prohibition to disciplinary action including discharge, and may subject both the employee and the company to criminal prosecution and/or civil penalties. 

 Each towing vessels must be capable of preventing all oil spills from reaching the water during transfers by: *Pre-closing the scuppers/freeing ports, if the vessel is so equipped; * Using fixed or portable containment of sufficient capacity to contain the most likely spill; or *Pre-deploying sorbent material on the deck around vents and fills.